RF Devices Evolved to Innovative Dual Mode

For Anti-aging and Tightening

Innovative dual mode

X Mode

X-mode's powerful deep-layer heating creates a sensation of heat from within

and increases the duration of the effect compared to before!

G Mode

With the gentle heat of G mode, the effect is increased by heating the upper dermis

and confining the heat in the deep area once more!

Maximize effectiveness and durability

with Oligio X’s GXG mode

G Mode

Pre-heating of the dermal layer

using gliding technique

Intensive deep heat heating using

the stamping technique

G Mode

Finished with gliding to preserve

deep heat and increase its duration.


Innovative dual mode that treats
the upper and lower dermis at once

Effectiveness and durability

with dual-mode! up!

More powerful deep heating and dramatically

increased heat duration 

Cooling power increased by 2.25 times

compared to existing Oligio


Skin Lifting & Tightening

· Skin laxity & sagging jowl

· Skin tightening

· Face & body contouring

Double Mode

· Neocollagenesis & collagen remodeling

· Uneven skin tone & texture

· Enlarged pores

Single Mode

· Fine lines

· Nasolabial fold

· Periorbital wrinkle

· Neck wrinkle

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