Laser treatment and principle for
varicose veins

1,470nm Diode Laser


Veincare is the newest treatment to block off blood circulation to ailing vein to radiate laser into the drooped vein. 

When laser was radiated into the varicose vein with optical fiber of a human hair, thickness of vein will be decreased and 

be procted blood regurgitation with injuries of blood vessel. The laser operation is a brief, painless with topical anesthesia. 

It is a minor operation without leaving a scar.

Advantages of laser treatment

1. It is better treatment result and painless than existing 1st~2nd generation laser(808nm, 980nm)

2. Short down time with painless using 1,470nm which is high water absorption

3. There is no scar for beauty

4. Shortened operation time

5. Excellent result for clinical and cosmetic purpose

Varicose veins


Veincare is equipped with 1470 nm laser which has much higher water absorption than other lasers, therefore it
enables to be treated much faster with low power than others-980 nm, 1064 nm or 1320 nm
Short Treatment Time
Endovenous laser treatment by Veincare offers very convenient way of treating varicose vein
A fiber is passed through a thin tube (catheter) into the vein
Affects very limited thermal damage to neighboring peripheral tissues


Treatment of Varicose Vein


WONFIBER treats all indications of varicose veins

• Great saphenous vein
• Small saphenous vein
• Tributary veins
• Perforators
• Recurrences

WONFIBER offers the optimum treatment solution for an effective and gentle endovenous laser therapy and is setting new standards for patients and users. Delivering homogenous laser energy at 1470nm based on a unique and patented distal design, WONFIBER minimizes the risk of vein perforations and assures high echogenic visibility.


System Type
Diode Laser Module on 1 unit(1470nm)

Max. 15W

Pulse Type
CW Mode / Pulse Mode / Group Pulse Mode
Repetition Rate
0.5~10Hz (Pulse Mode)
10.4 inch Touch LCD (LED Type)
279(W) X 686(D) X 786(H)mm

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