Reliable and powerful solution
for skin lifting & tightening

4 in 1 Total Beauty Solution


Dermaton combines a multi-polar RF, LED and Vacuum handle with cryo multi post care handle in a compact and total care system. 

This reliable and powerful solution allow Aestheticians offer a large range of popular treatments such as no invasive skin lifting,

tightening by stimulating collagen and tighten skin without damaging cells.

Also, cryo multi post care handle offers rapid cooling effect and its EP mode increase skin absorption

rate of drug (solution) or mask pack by using electric excitation technology.


Multi RF Care Handle
Multi-polar RF, Vacuum and LED maximize the effects due to the simutaneous action
Collagen regeneration
Promoting increased skin elasticity
The Flat Top-Hat beam profile
Immiediate effect after the treatment by stimutaneous action
Reduce sparks and metal allergy by Carbon grounds and Silicon head


Multi RF Care Handle

Skin lifting
Skin tightening and wrinkle care
Collagen remodeling
Lymph drainage
Enhance blood circulation

Multi Post Care Handle

Post care after MTS or Laser treatment
NO Needle to Meso Therapy
Solution for Penetration
Skin Relaxation
Skin tone&Texture improvement



Multi RF Care Handle

Multi RF Care Handle


Input Voltag
DC 12V
20kg(including cart)

Main unit : 360x150x100(nm)

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