ESG Strategic Framework

Wontech Corporate philosophy

We contribute to the external and internal health of

humanity by continuously developing and advancing

cutting-edge medical technology.

Wontech Vision

Wontech Main core values

Wontech 8 Commandments

Fulfills social responsibilities while

leaving profits for the company

From a sales-oriented to 

profit-oriented company

Wontech 8 Commandments

Conserve resources

The Top 5 Resources of Wontech

(people, things, money, information, time)

Wontech 8 Commandments

Build enthusiastic fans of Wontech

A company with full

customer support

Wontech 8 Commandments

Listen to the sounds of on-site

of a customer, by a customer,

for a customer

Wontech 8 Commandments

Good thoughts come when the body is at ease

A company that is

focused on work

Wontech 8 Commandments

Work easily, accurately, and quickly

Inefficient and meaningless work

Thoroughly rule out

Wontech 8 Commandments

3 tablets and 5 S

Always clean.

Throw away what's 

unnecessary right away.

Maintain a sanitary condition.

Wontech 8 Commandments

Mutual consideration among colleagues

A heart that truly thinks of

others rather than

ingrained manners

Wontech Guiding point

Ensuring Sustainable Development by

Strengthening ESG Management

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